Yaw Tog Exudes Sense Of Humour Together With His Sister In New TikTok Video

Global star Yaw Tog has been seen in a new video impersonating a character together with his sister in a new TikTok video and it’s funny.

Apparently, the original video saw a journalist conducting a street interview, and the response he got from a street hawker when he asked her ‘How do you do’ was aptly replicated by the ‘Sore’ hitmaker and his sister.

They nailed it with their act and netizens on Instagram and TikTok are loving every bit of it.

Meanwhile, Yaw Tog recently reacted on Twitter shortly after the West African Examination Council announced released the provisional results for the 2021 West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) results.

Remember that the Ghanaian prodigy sat for the 2021 WASSCE and as you could imagine- his result would be under scrutiny owing to his status as a celebrity whose fame spread beyond the shores of Ghana.

The ‘Sore’ hitmaker in a post on Twitter enquired from his fans whether it’s true that indeed the results have been released but comically added that he’s not asking for himself but for a friend.


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