‘What Is It That Women Want In Our Phones?’ – Guy Quizzes

A guy has taken to social media to ask a question that is on his heart as he seeks for answers.

According to this guy, he finds it difficult to comprehend that women always try spying on the phones of their fiancees.

He asked this question in a recent post and the post he made has really attracted scores of reactions from social media users.

The post he made reads;

“Hi Auntie Momoza. Please keep me anonymous. Out of curiosity, what is it that women want in our phones? It’s like they have this obsession to check what is in our phone. I have on several occasions found my girlfriend trying different patterns to open my phone. Why?”

Some reactions the post got are;

Tallman Sipho Mshwane – Very simple this one very simple.. but 1st let me share this with you I onced went through my girlfriend’s phone to see if she ain’t cheating on me, I still regret that shit. I found screenshots of me cheating and she didn’t ask me anything even today.
But my advice is that go to the Kruger National Park get a hyaena tail #Msila We Mpisi (I can get you one). .take it home with you and burn it but cover your nose so that you dont sleep immediately.. hold up your phone over the tail smoke while it is burning.. boooom you will be safe
Everytime she touches your phone .. she will fall asleep immediately
Ah nine nifuna kutjelwa konke

Andiswa Mndiata – We want to introduce ourselves to your mother’s

Young Ttyl – This women makes us delete important stuff in our phone in fear of them finding out

Magz Sathekge-Mphoshomane – You should’ve asked her what was she looking for. I’ve never done that, ebile I’ve never seen or suspected that Mr might be trying to check mine.


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