We Don’t Want Akuffo Addo Or Mahama, Here Is What Ghanaians Want

Ghanaians have made a very decisive decision from a poll where they were asked to choose from 4 options available to them.

This poll was created by Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson on the microblogging platform. She had asked Ghanaians to choose only 1 option between Blackstars, Akuffo Addo, Mahama and None of the Above.

Guess what? 8 hours after the poll was created with 2,528 votes garnered, the results showed that 6.2% chose the Blackstars, 6.6% chose Akuffo Addo, and more than 29% had Mahama as their favorite. However, the majority, more than 50% opted for none of the above.

See the poll below;

It seems Ghanaians are fed up with the current government after losing all their hopes in the Ghana Blackstars. They might give Mahama a second chance to make things better however on the best part they don’t want any one of them.


In other news, Ghanaian professional boxer, Braimah Isaac Kamoko fondly called Bukom Banku has added his voice to the opposition of the viral e-levy yet to be passed.

E-levy has become the most talked-about topic in Ghana, with people discussing it in their homes, markets, and workplaces. According to the president, the E-levy will give many benefits to Ghanaians, hence it should be approved.

The bill’s passage last year sparked a huge quarrel in parliament between the majority and minority parties. Minorities are adamantly opposed to the E-levy and will not accept the law.

The majority of top officials have expressed their opinions, and all they say is that the government should reverse its decision on the E-levy and pursue other options.

In today’s news, champion boxer Bukom Banku has joined the anti-E-levy campaign, sending a loud message to Ghana’s president, Nana Addo Dankwa. The president, he claims, is calling for a protest because Ghanaians will never accept the E-levy today, tomorrow, or in the future. For his betterment, he should get rid of the bill, he said.

Watch video below;

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