‘This Is Disgusting’- Kanayo O. Kanayo Dragged Debunking Rubbishing S€X For Role Claims In Nollywood

Veteran Nollywood actor, Kanayo O. Kanayo has come under fire on social media after urging movie lovers to disregard the s3x for role claims in Nollywood.

Several Nigerian actresses have shared in their experience over how some producers and directors in the movie industry have demanded s3x in exchange for movie roles S3x for roles as many and how they lost certain jobs because they refused to give in to the demands of the directors or producers.

However, Kanayo O. Kanayo, in a recent post on his Instagram page, said people should disregard all they hear about s3x for roles in Nollywood.

According to Kanayo O. Kanayo, a lot of actresses in Nollywood are not working hard to live up to the role they are cast for, and it is quite a shame.

In his words:

When you hear of sex for roles in Nollywood, please do not believe all you are told. Many of the girls are not working hard to live up to the roles they are cast for. Quite a shame

Kanayo O. Kanayo’s post sparked outrage on social media as many netizens dragged him, stating that s3x for roles exist with lots of evidence.

_bishopgram wrote: “Old man talking dust… this Is disgusting”

denviktravels wrote: “If they are not working hard to live up up the roles, remove them and replace. Rather than keeping them there for sex. Shikena”

ewatomilola wrote: Even though? The main point is, it exists and it’s sad..

itsgracey_xo wrote: Why should we disregard with all the evidences

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