They hate me because I carry something they don’t – Empress Gifty

Ghanaian gospel musician Empress Gifty has revealed the reason behind the thinly veiled hate targeted at her. She summed it all up on Showbiz360 when she told Giovani that envy motivates those speaking ill.

In her usual frankness, Empress Gifty refused to name the investors behind her latest music video. She chose to keep her helpers shrouded in secrecy for fear that people would destroy the relationship she built.

This submission called for Giovani to ask why many naysayers have gathered around her ministry. And she responded by saying, “They hate me because I have something that they don’t have. I carry a presence. I carry something, and they don’t have it. So that is why. Anything you don’t have, you speak ill about it.”

Empress Gifty also talked about her appearance on the Bhim Concert stage and the controversy surrounding her participation in the secular show. According to her, that is her form of evangelism which she does not intend to change. Thus people should expect her on similar platforms preaching the gospel.

Go into the world. How do they define it? And for me, it was a prayer that I prayed towards ‘Eye Woa’ production. I told God I want to move out of my comfort zone. When you are a gospel musician, it’s all about church and church. I want to go to where people don’t want to go. I want to do my evangelism in a different way, in a different style.

By Grace Somuah-Annan||Ghana

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