“The Woman Who Rejected You When You Were Poor Will Not Regret It Or Suffer In Life”-Fella Makafui

It is expected of women who mostly reject the proposals of men who are not up to their standards or poor to have regrets or suffer in life because they rejected a man with a pure heart.

Mostly, such men would work very hard to meet the standard or even go beyond the standard the lady is looking for just to prove to the lady that she has missed out on an opportunity.

In some cases, some women do have regrets especially if the man moves on with another lady or when the man becomes successful over time, she realizes that she has messed up totally by not accepting his proposal in the first place and due to that, she might suffer for the rest of her life for rejecting a good man or a potential wealthy man.

Well, the Ghanaian actress cum entrepreneur, Precious Frimpong, well known as Fella Makafui has jumped to the defense of women, saying that the notion that women will regret or suffer after rejecting the proposals of poor or dusty men will never materialize.

According to her, the influx of Nigerian movies have corrupted the mindsets of many men, hence they believe what they have been watching in Nigerian movies will eventually manifest in their lives,

She noted that women who reject the proposals of poor men will eventually meet men who match up to their standards and stay happy.

She wrote; The woman who rejected you because you were poor and dusty will not regret it or suffer later in life ! She will meet her type,get married and stay happy .Stop watching too much Nigerian movies !!

See the tweet below:

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