Sweet Adjeley shares a fascinating history about Abele Walls 

Sweet Adjeley shares a fascinating history about Abele Walls 

The biggest Ghanaian-born YouTube food blogger, Sweet Adjeley, has narrated an interesting history behind your favourite Abele Walls. Sweet Adjeley began the narration by taking us into the Post Colonial Years of Ghana the then Gold Coast.

According to her, a British company, Unilever, introduced the frozen dessert called the Wall’s Ice cream to the people of Ghana. The Company was located in the Greater Accra Region densely populated by the Ga people.

“The vendors rode on bicycles and tricycles from house to house where the gás symbolized anything with good taste as Abélé (corn i.e sweet corn) so any time they tasted the sweetness of the Wall’s ice cream they recited “eñgoor, tamor Abélé ” meaning sweet as sweet corn… bɛ ole Swititintins Abélé Abélé”, she said.

“Interestingly, in the ’60s and ’70s hit Ga highlife musicians would pause at intervals of the instrumentals just to say Abélé, Abélé Sokoo… Abélé, just to tell their listeners how swiftly the music is penetrating their cores in the same fashion they described how sweet the ice cream was. Before long, the vendors now went around hitting their knives to the side of their coolers and shouting Abélé Wall’s Abélé Wall’s”, Sweet Adjeley revealed.

The Quophimens Musiq managed Ghana Food Blogger with the biggest YouTube and Facebook accounts, Sweet Adjeley,  further narrated, “The local people started making it at home using cups and chewing sticks because they couldn’t find popsicle sticks, calling it Abélé Walls.”

“So Abélé is the Ga word for Corn and Wall’s was borrowed from the British Company that introduced the Wall’s icecream coining the name Abélé Wall’s and for a lifetime the young, old, rich and poor have enjoyed the frozen dessert Abélé Wall’s”, Sweet Adjeley concluded.

Sweet Adjeley promised to share other interesting stories about some of the popular Ghanaian dishes so follow her on all her social media platforms.

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Keira-Terra Baaba Nhyira-Mensah

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