Story Of How Camidoh Used To Sell Sobolo And Pastries In OLA SHS And Was Teased Hit The Net

The story of how fast-rising artist Camidoh used to sell Sobolo and Pastries in OLA SHS and how he was teased has hit the net and we think it’s an inspiration to all.

Camidoh is a Ghanaian artist who is taking over the airwaves little by little with his music and the story of how he used to sell Sobolo and Pastries back in the days has been shared to motivate others going through some situations..

According to the post, Camidoh used to sell Sobolo and Pastries in OLA SHS and he was known as fingers back in the days, as usual, people didn’t respect him as some even used to insult him and all that but today he’s one of our greatest treasure.

Camidoh confirmed this in an interview and it serves as a lesson to us all as the people we disrespect and tease because of their recent circumstances or situations might turn out to be great after pushing through and being inspired by the insult and all that.

Today, those who used to insult or tease Camidoh in the past because he was selling Sobolo and Pastries will see him and marvel because he’s one of our greatest treasures when it comes to music as he’s doing really well.

screenshot below;

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