Relationship should be enjoyable don’t kill yourself for someone if it’s not working – MR Alfred Kumi , C E O – FOCUS MEDIA GH

Relationships are incredibly important at any age. Stable relationships with friends, families and partners are especially important for young people as they can influence physical health, promote self-esteem and a sense of belonging and assist in the development of problem solving and social skills.

However at a certain stage in life where one thinks they need a partner in life in order to get prepared for marriage . Most people finds partners and falls in love for each other That looks so beautiful but how to keep that relationship becomes war .

Your partner must have a very good impact in your life . It shouldn’t always be a situation where you wants to go out and just have fun , that’s not the perfect relationship you should aim for . Your partner must assist in the development of problem solving and social skills . He shouldn’t be the cause of your pain. It’s just sad when I see beautiful and good women going through emotional stress and pains because of love whiles there are good men out there

Most relationships fail to work and it’s normal but most of the women wants to still keep the man because of love or any benefit they get from him .Due to this they tends to endure every pain thinking things will be better someday and this attitude has killed a lot of our women . You should say a big no to someone who is not making you grow and not given any good impact in your life .

Thou we have bad guys around but there are a lot of good people who are looking for a good partner like you to be with so why do you kill yourself in an uncomfortable relationship. You were born a winner so understand that there are better times ahead of you and don’t let anyone kill you before your time

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Salia Ahmed Known as (Promoter Koolic) is a multi award winning Ghanaian Promoter,Blogger, Publicist and a Private PR.

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