I Debut My New Look, Black Sherif Finally Cut Off His Hair

Black Sherif after sharing why he has been covering his head with a scuff or cap has finally cut off his hair to debut a new look and the reaction from fans is massive as some love it and others don’t.

Black Sherif disclosed that he has been covering his head with scuff and cap to cover up his hairline but now that everyone has seen how it is in his first-ever freestyle video, he thinks it’s time to come out as who he is.

Hence, he went ahead to cut off his hair to debut a new look by dying his hair to join the colored hair gang and some of his fans are loving his new look but some also prefer to have his previous looks because they believe it suits him better than this.

As a human, you can’t please everyone since there will always be someone or some group of people who will always find fault in whatever you do and it’s a good thing Black Sherif did what he thought was best for him by changing his looks.

Seeing how young he looks after cutting off his hair without his cap or scuff, you can believe he’s actually just 20yrs which means covering his hairline with the cap and scuff actually made him look a bit older than the age he claims to be.

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