How Long Can a Mother Keep Her Son Hidden Because Of His Father?

Juliana was 14 years old when she met Adamu. He was the older brother of her classmate Sheila. Adamu was reserved, friendly, generous and hugely protective of his sister so when he realized the two girls were friends, he told Juliana to always take care of his sister for him.

Because of this, when they finished SHS and Juliana’s grades weren’t enough to get placement in her first choice school, Adamu paid through for her. At all times, he wanted the two girls to be together. It was after they finished SHS that Juliana found out the real reason he was doing all these. He’d fallen in love with her but because she was too young didn’t want to be with her and didn’t want any break in communication either.

Her parents fell on hard times and going to the university was hard for her. Adamu went to her parents and assured of prompt fees payment for the sake of his sister and with no strings attached. He rented a hostel room for the two of them but in second year, his sister applied to a school abroad and got it. Her uncle was sponsoring so she left. Juliana was scared Adamu would go back on his word but he reminded her of his promise.

When she was in level 300, she started going to his end to wash his things after being prompted by her mother to do so. Her parents didn’t want him to think she was taking him from granted. Her frequency in his place made them become closer and he finally told her how he felt about her. She told him she’d always been in love with him and wanted to be with him.

During the long vacation towards her 4th year, he traveled with her to Sao Tomé and Principe and proposed to her. Upon their return, he cancelled her rental at the hostel and moved her in to his house and put her on a monthly allowance. He bought a car for her personal use and converted one of his old cars into a taxi to serve as a second income for her even though he still gave her money monthly. He went to see her parents and they told him to wait until she finished school before going ahead to marry her.

Everything was going on smoothly with them until one day, she got pregnant. Adamu went to tell her parents and they told him categorically that he’d disappointed them so he’d have to pay kwasiabuo sika (compensation) for not marrying her before pregnancy. He was ready to do that and more but they told him to hold on until she delivered.

7 months later, she delivered a bouncing baby boy but there was a problem. The baby was too fair when Adamu was dark. It took some time to unravel the truth. During all that time, she’d had a side dude she slept with anytime he traveled. When she got pregnant she’d hoped the baby was for Adamu so had broken up with the guy.

Disappointed, Adamu sacked her from his house and took back all the things he’d given her including his cars. She went home to her parents and tried getting her side dude to at least name the baby but he told her he’s too broke to pay any kwasiabuo sika. Try as she could, this guy wouldn’t budge. Luckily, she didn’t owe any fees so was able to finish school successfully.

The problem is, 3 years later, her ex side dude tried coming back but requested a DNA first. They checked and it wasn’t his baby meaning her son was actually Adamu’s. It was hard for her but she mustered courage and called to inform him but he told her he’s getting married and since he’d always maintained he didn’t have kids, he didn’t want to tell his new bride anything contrary to it.

Juliana is willing to keep quiet about it but thinks it might not work in the end because Adamu is a notable public figure and with how her son looks like him, one day someone will put two and two together and link the two of them up. She’s scared her whole story too will come out. What should she do?

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