Hajia Bintu Makes Huge Fashion Statement In Denim Jeans

Hajia Bintu has flaunted her legendary curves accentuated more aptly by the denim jeans she wore in a new set of photos making rounds on the internet.

The mouthwatering photos which were shot with a background wall bearing the huge image of spiderman, Hajia gave us a glimpse of why she rules in her own dynasty when it comes to incredible physique.

Similarly, the TikTok star and brand influencer recently dropped sizzling photos of herself in a new Instagram post and essentially attached a profound quote to the post shared.

The curvaceous Ghanaian celebrity whose fame vastly hinges on her in her incredible physique notably her heavy backside, simply wrote, ‘Sometimes being solo is wiser than being in a false relationship’ when she shared the post.

In the same vein, Bintu recently treated her fans a rare treat on Boxing Day with the new photos she shared.

Bintu was spotted in the photos rocking a fitting outfit that accentuated her legendary backside, flat tummy, and interspersed them with a warm smile that sent her fans on cloud nine.

The photos have predictably elicited warm reactions on social media and we believe you could also fall in love with her aura. See the photos below;


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