Fire Destroys Shops At Adum -VIDEO

News coming in says that fire has swept off fleets of shops at the Central Business District of Adum in the Ashanti regional capital destroying properties.

This is the second fire outbreak that has happened this week in Kumasi. Yesterday, reported how fire gut about 10 shops in Akwatialine in the Ashanti region.

According to reports from TV3 Midday news, the fire was caused by one of the residents who was reportedly burning some rubbish near the burnt environment.

In a new event, another location in the Ashanti Region, Adum Kumasi has been reportedly razed by fire and has destroyed fleets of shops. Eyewitnesses say five grocery shops have been affected by the fire that started on Friday 4 February around 3.50 pm GMT.

The cause of the fire is not known yet but in the video shared on social media, it could be seen that the fire service officers were able to calm down situations at the location. However, the shops were seen to have burnt with their properties looking unrecognizable.

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