E-Levy Is Necessary Because It’s The Only Way – Nana Addo Speaks About The Importance Of E-Levy

The president of Ghana Nana Addo has spoken about the importance of E-Levy saying it’s the only way to continue enjoying the free things we are enjoying.

The issue of E-Levy is still being discussed as to whether to pass it or not but almost every Ghanaian has aired their displeasure about it as they don’t like the idea of being taxed on money sent to relatives and loved ones.

President Nana Addo speaking about it and how important it is said it’s very necessary for the E-Levy bill to be passed so that we can continue to enjoy the free things we are already enjoying and for the government to get money.

Per the explanation of the president, the E-Levy is the only way for the government to pay for the free water and free electricity we enjoyed during the peak of the covid-19 pandemic and the ongoing free education that our kids are enjoying.

According to him, the E-Levy is the only way forward for us as a country as there are no other ways the government can generate money to handle certain issues but the opposition and majority of Ghanaians think something can be done about this.


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