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Drake Ignores Rumors & Isn’t Worried About Clout Chasers Wanting “15 Minutes Of Fame” 

Drake Ignores Rumors & Isn’t Worried About Clout Chasers Wanting “15 Minutes Of Fame”

The rapper’s name never leaves headlines but recently, the rumor mill has run rampant.
Not a day goes by that Drake doesn’t make headlines, The OVO Sound icon I one of the leading artists in the world, if not one of the most recognized public figures. With that fame, power, and notoriety also come allegations and rumors, and it seems that his name has been entangled in gossip after a model alleges she had an encounter with him.

Social media has been buzzing throughout the day after a reported story went viral and the rapper’s supporters have called it out as nothing but a clout-chasing moment.

According to online reports, some woman alleged that she had sex with Drake and later tried to steal the condom only to find out it had hot sauce in it. Without being substantiated, her story spread like wildfire because she threatened to sue Drake. The rapper’s fans were quick to call her out, and hours ago, Drake resurfaced on his social media with what the public has interpreted to be a response—however, Drake never directly addressed the gossip or the woman.

“You can have your 15 minutes of fame…I’ll take the other 23 hours and 45 mins,” the megastar wrote in the caption to a photo of himself. Some jumped in his comments to tease him, but his friends offered their support. As far as the woman is concerned, she hasn’t resurfaced. Check out Drake’s post below.

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