The Queen Will Leave USA ON EMANCIPATION DAY January 31st & Arrive On The First Day Of BLACK HISTORY MONTH February 1st, In Honor Of REPATRIATION.

The Emancipation Proclamation Which Began The Abolishment Of Slavery In America Was Signed On January 1st, 1863 During The American Civil War. However This Law Wasn’t Put Into Effect Until The 13th Amendment To The United States Constitution Was Signed January 31st, 1865. And Even Then Blacks In America Didn’t Have Freedom From Chattel Slavery Until Military Force Which Ended On June 19th, 1865. This Date Being Called The Jubilee Or Juneteenth Is A Celebration Of Black American Freedom From Slavery. And Although It Is The Oldest Documented Black American Holiday It Was Just Made A National Federal Holiday In June Of 2021.

Black History Month is an annual celebration of achievements by African Americans and a time for recognizing their central role in U.S. history. Also known as African American History Month, the event grew out of “Negro History Week,” the brainchild of noted historian Carter G. Woodson and other prominent African Americans. Since 1976, every U.S. president has formally designated the month of February as Black History Month. Other countries around the world, including Canada and the United Kingdom, also devote a month to celebrating black history.

Princess-Trinity SatRa born American Ghanaian Repatriate titled Nana Afia Adorkor I of Akim Kwamang Eastern Region & Mama Afiwa Dunyo I of Kpando Konda Volta Region popularly known as 1MamaAfrica, is returning To Celebrate Her 5 Year Anniversary With Her Chiefs, Elders, Constituents & Supporters.

1MamaAfrica, 3rd Great-Granddaughter Of Nat Turner, Black American Freedom Fighter. Received Her 2nd Crowning On Juneteenth 2017 & Will Commemorate Her 5 Year Journey In A Book Soon To Be Released. In Addition She Is giving 5 Ghana Cedi Airtime To The First 500 People She’s Meet While Building Her Ghanaian Queenship. That’s 5 Cedis To 5 People Every Day Throughout The Year Until She Has Blessed Everyone. She Says “it’s just a small gesture to say Akpe! & Keep In Touch There’s More Work To Be Done”. This Campaign Kicked Off The Day The Emancipation Proclamation Was Signed, On January 1st.

The Queen Has Established a worldwide brand of community development via repatriation and youth entrepreneurship as the founder of The CHESS Foundation, a Ghanaian NGO and an international nonprofit. Serving as a beam of hope, her foundation has contributed enormously with the provision of school buildings, clinics, job provision, educational and training opportunities notwithstanding numerous infrastructure projects with chapters in the United States, Ghana, Nigeria, Ethiopia, and Jamaica.

In her 8 years Of repatriation, The Queen for the past 5 years has had the opportunity to represent Africa in the Diaspora to bring others to the motherland & Ghana specifically. She Takes Her Position Seriously. As a Development Queen Mother and repatriate, stating “My people didn’t fall out of the sky into cotton fields and sugar plantations.We come from a rich royal African heritage. For our benefit and that of our brothers and sisters in Africa, we must reconnect”!

Bridging The Gap Between Blacks Worldwide Is What She Calls It. The Queen underscored her quest to unite Africans on the continent with their brothers and sisters in the diaspora, stating,1MamaAfrica is of a strong belief that Black Africans in the diaspora must be encouraged to return home with their financial and human resources, which have been stashed around the world, to expedite nation-building. She has talked about the importance of Ghanaian Americans and diasporas worldwide of African heritage to Return Home and collectively recognize the challenges and contributions that can be extended to intellectual and Assess The Infrastructure & Financial investments needed in the various sectors of the countries.

1MamaAfrica is eagerly awaiting to enhance the awareness and significance of repatriation in Ghana as she marks 5 years of service on Black History Month.

1MamaAfrica is inviting the general public to come and welcome her as she celebrates her first 5 years of Queenship with the Kpando Borborbor Group, Chiefs & Elders at The Airport In Accra 1st February 9AM.

Enjoy A Peak At Some Of The Queen’s Prior Milestones, Accomplishments and Events During Her 5 Year Queenship.

. Ma’at-Ta Diasporic Community Kpando(Queen’s Paradise Resort & Camp Site Kpando)

. Built a Clinic In Akim Kwamang

. Renovating Houses in Kpando

. Farming In Kpando

. Nana Afia’s Funeral, Kumasi

. Ghana Music Awards with Samini and Afia

. CHESS Foundation Clothing Give Away Akim Kwamang

. Kumawood Awards, Kumasi

. Ma’at-Ta Land Development, Kpando

. Kwasedi in Kumasi with Nana CK Gyemfi

. The Coronation Of The Queen at Akim Kwamang By Barima Pobi Asomaning III(Chief Of Akim Kwamang)

Ma’at-Ta, A Kpando Land Development Project, Is An Eco-Sustainable Diasporic Repatriation Community, Nestled In The Rich Kpando Valley Of The Volta Region. 2020, 2016

Currently Building Queen’s Paradise Resort & Camp Site With It’s Miraculous View Of The Great Volta Lake. Vacation Bookings Beginning October 2022.

Contributed To Building A Clinic In Akim Kwamang Eastern Region Where Health Care Access Was Very Limited 2019.

Counting Blocks For Renovating Of Building In Kpando For Elderly Housing & The CHESS Foundation Office 2019.

Maat’Ta Farms Kpando, 2021

Nana Afia The Great Queen Mother’s Funeral Kumasi 2017

Afia, Samini, & I New York Ghana Music Awards 2018

CHESS Foundation Clothing Give Away Akim Kwamang 2016

Kumawood Awards Kumasi 2015

Kwasedi Kumasi With Nana CK Gyemfi 2015

1st Coronation Akim Kwamang By Barima Pobi Asomaning III 2016

The Queen Blows A Kiss At Her 2nd Coronation In Kpando Konda By Togbui Adevu II 2017.

Come Out Celebrate, Black Love, Black Unity & Black Excellence. It’s Black History & The Queen Is Bringing Home The FESTIVITIES & celebrating 5 years of service to the Ghanaian Community.

Contact Details Call Or Email When You Are Ready! ✊🏾

1. CHESS Foundation Membership
2. Bring The Queen To Help Develop Your Community.
3. Job & Educational Opportunities
4. Scheduled Interviews

+1(904)614-6900 USA WhatsApp
(050)941-6900 Ghana
[email protected] or [email protected]

This Is A CHESS Foundation 1MamaAfrica Collaboration.

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